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MCH Consulting provides reliable direction
to their clients in the areas of:

Suburb Houses Security Assessment MCH Consulting Inc
  • Providing Security & Safety Assessments for: Gated Communities, Condominiums, Residential Homes, Religious Institutions, and Multi-Family Rental Units.

  • Perimeter Assessment, Lighting Assessment, Access Control Assessment, Policy & Procedures Assessment, Staff Assessment, Security Company Assessment, CPTED Review, Camera/Analytics Assessment & Physical Security Assessment.​​

  • Analyzing your current security operation to identify areas in need of improvement. 

  • Utilizing video analytics technology to improve community security and reduce manpower.
  • Improving the overall Effectiveness & Efficiency of your security operation.
Person Analyzing Statistics MCH Consulting INC
Security Training MCH Consulting
  • Training your staff in Hospitality-Based Security.

  • Training your first level supervisors and middle management in Servant Leadership.

  • Development of Policy & Procedures tailored to your organization's or community's culture.

MCH Consulting, Inc.
2701 Vista Parkway, Suite A10

West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Tel: 561-386-0044
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