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His passion for training led Mr. Hall to develop a simplistic yet comprehensive leadership curriculum that provides a step-by-step process to improve organizational skills, policy & procedures, professionalism, staff morale, and organizational efficiency and effectiveness. 


Training sessions are available in a half-day segment, one-day, or two-day options. Sessions are determined based on curriculum choice, desired outcomes, class size, client requests, budget, etc. Contact MCH Consulting directly to discuss what option is best for your organization.


MCH Consulting Inc Training Program Mark C Hall Security Training
MCH Consulting Inc Security Assessment and Training

Leadership Development

In an effort to assist security, hospitality, and property management organizations in developing the most effective, efficient, and professional operations possible, MCH Consulting will work closely with first-line supervisors, middle managers and top executives within the organization to develop their true leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

MCH Consulting Inc Security Assessment and Training


MCH Consulting will provide Hospitality-Based Security training at a central location or at your facility. Based on the principles developed by the Ritz-Carlton and Disney Institute,  two of the most successful hospitality-based organizations in the world, implementing these principles until they become an organizational culture will distinguish your department above all others.

MCH Consulting Inc Security Assessment and Training

Policy & Procedure Development

Many times it is truly difficult to see the issues plaguing an organization from an internal perspective. Through the use of staff interviews, first-hand observation, operational surveys, and policy review, MCH Consulting will assist administrators with developing new policies and/or modifying existing policies to achieve the mission, vision, and goals of the organization.

MCH Consulting Inc Security Assessment and Training


Continuing Ed


Specializing in a dynamic 4-hour Human Resource presentation. MCH Consulting, Inc. provides an interesting and interactive hospitality-based curriculum with topics that include; Establishing expectations, Security 101, staff performance, exceeding expectations, leading vs. managing, closing the loop, and managing vendors. Curriculums can also be customized to address the needs of your property management staff.

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