Homeowners and Realtors

Security is of paramount importance to you and/or your clients. You now have the ability to have an expert report on the following issues regarding a new new home:

  • Community Security

    • Neighborhood Crime Statistics

    • Analysis of local law enforcement

    • Analysis of Gated Community Security (if applicable)

               - Quality of Access Control

               - Staffing, Policy & Procedures

  • Perimeter Security (Property Line to Home)

    • Video Surveillance, Analytics & Remote Access (Outside of home)

    • Lighting

    • Motion Sensors

    • Fencing

  • Perimeter Security (Home Perimeter)

    • Door Construction Materials & Locks

    • Window Construction Materials & Locks

    • Sliding Glass Door Construction Materials & Locks

    • Garage Door Construction & Locks

    • Lighting Types, Location & Sensors

    • Door & Window Alarm Analysis

  • Internal Security

    • Motion, Medical, Panic, Glass Break, Safe & Custom Alarm Analysis

    • Safe Installation (wall mount, floor mount, secreted)

    • Video Surveillance, Analytics & Remote Access (Inside of home)


* The client determines what specific security issues are surveyed and reported. Each report is customized based on the client's needs and requirements. Pricing for Security Survey's & Analysis are determined by the scale and client requirements for an individual project. A written proposal will be drafted to outline all services to be provided and the overall associated project costs.

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